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Don’t Let a Cold Sore Ruin Your First Date

There is a unique mix of emotions before any first date: excitement, hope, not to mention a little anxiety. They are all part of the preparation for that first meet up.

The way you look, behave, and communicate all have a huge impact on whether your first date will lead to a second. Yet in spite of this you have to relax and be yourself. The key to coping? Confidence.

We all want to feel confident, self-assured, and comfortable in our own skin, especially when getting ready to meet the potential Mr. or Mrs. Right. A cold sore outbreak at the wrong time can rob you of this confidence, leave you feeling anxious, and may even force you to cancel your plans.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

A lot of the information on will be of use in fighting back against cold sores, but these are the best ways to ace your first date, without letting a cold sore hold you back.

Covering Up

Understandably, you may be keen to reduce the visibility of the cold sore. Knowing it’s less obvious, can help you relax and feel your best.

This is where treatment from a patch can come in handy.  For example, the POLYSPORIN® Cold Sore Healing Patch instantly hides and actively heals, allowing you to feel better, more positive and secure.

The patch acts like a second skin, helping to relieve pain while creating a moist environment that is optimal for healing. This helps to ensure that you cut down on healing time and helps prevent the risk of scabbing.

The patch also forms a protective barrier against water, dirt, and bacteria, making it possible to conceal your cold sore even further with make-up. You can find more on concealing a cold sore with make-up here.

Stay Confident

While you can follow these tips to minimize the impact of the cold sore, it’s still up to you to relax and be confident.  If you conceal the cold sore but you’re still worrying about it, all your good work will be undone.

When you feel confident, your true sense of self will radiate. You are much more likely to be honest and to communicate what you are looking for. The main objective of a first date is to get to know someone and to see if you connect, so you want to be secure enough to show who you truly are. Don’t get too hung up on expectations and where this relationship is headed, just enjoy the evening.

The key to a great first date is to smile and have a good time. Just relax and be yourself. Don’t be afraid to laugh and be a little quirky. If you highlight what makes you so unique, you are guaranteed to leave your mark. Remember, a first date is really just an experiment to see how you connect with someone. So even if you don’t meet your soul-mate, you are sure to gain some new insight or at the very least leave with an interesting story to add to your repertoire.